nscd DNS caching and postfix

A few of our mail gateway servers running with postfix/policyd-weight/amavis/spamassaisin generate a lot of DNS queries to our DNS servers at times.
I’m not particularly concerned about that myself but there were some discussions about whether we should or how we could decrease the volume of DNS queries.

One suggestion for an easy and convenient solution was to just install the Name Service Cache Daemon (nscd) to cache responses locally on the mail server. They implemented this quickly on one of the servers but it didn’t really seem to work, it still generated loads of queries and the nscd statistics didn’t indicate that caching was working. Also, the statistics output of nscd -g always displayed 0% cache hit ratio and 0 cache hits on positive entries.
So they just as quickly abandoned the idea without digging into it deeper and more or less forgot about the whole plan in general, as it wasn’t like we had any real issues in the first place.
Other options discussed were setting up dedicated caching-only resolvers (onto the hosts themselves) which wouldn’t have been difficult either.

Fast forward a few months and the so called “issue” of too many DNS queries came up again recently and I decided to check nscd myself and why it supposedly wouldn’t work.

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