ESXi 5.1 Update 1 and vCenter 5.1 Update 1(a) released – grab your fixes

[Update 23.05.2013]
Due to a bug in the authentication module in multi-domain environments VMware released another update of vCenter: vCenter 5.1 Update 1a:

[Update 05.08.2013]
VMware releases another update for vCenter, 5.1 Update 1b:

The long anticipated first major Update bundle of ESXi and vCenter 5.1 has finally been released. Download them at the usual place.
The insane list of fixes confirms my gut feeling again that unfortunately, many VMware products only start getting usable after the first (or sometimes even the second) Update bundle. (Remember vCenter 5.1a and 5.1b or the loads of support alerts?)

ESXi 5.1 Update 1

Go and check the release notes. Seriously.
No real new features or enhancements have been added apart from a few new supported Guest OSes.
But huge loads of important issues and bugs have been fixed, a few of which were anticipated since a long time. Here are some excerpts to highlight some of the important or interesting fixes:

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April HP ESXi bundle update fixes SmartArray warning

After the ridiculous mess HP caused with their last updates to the custom ESXi extensions back in January/Febuary, HP released new updates to the HP CIM providers a few days ago.
This update is fixing the issue that was probably responsible for all of these woes: HP SmartArray RAID Conrollers displaying a random warning message.
From the release notes:
Version: 1.4.5 (15 Apr 2013)
Version: 9.3.5 (15 Apr 2013)
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