iLO Login check script

We recently changed the iLO local account logins in favor of LDAP authentication against our AD, which is cool but raised the issue that sometimes logins seemed to work with my AD account and sometimes not, because not every system was configured for LDAP authentication properly.

Instead of checking logins on dozens of servers manually (with the nice iLO failed login delay), I took a stab at analyzing the login procedures and scripting the logins myself.
So I came up with this horrible piece of bash script doing exactly that. I checked this script with all known iLO versions 1, 2, 3 and 4, and it worked with all of them (the login procedure for versions 1/2 and 3/4 are identical). Running it requires an argument pointing to a file containing the iLO hostnames or IPs to connect to.
Here’s the script on pastebin with formatting:

Update: I have moved my scripts to GitHub and updated some of them a bit. You can find the current version of this particular script here.
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January (or Febuary?) HP ESXi updates

Attention: [Update 16.01.2013]
HP actually pulled the updates (which were titled “February” updates) from their VIBs Depot site and purged the references from the depot metadata indexes as well. I’m not sure what’s going on but you won’t be able to apply these updates (via Update Manager) unless you downloaded them already. But even if you did, you should refrain from using these bundles at this time. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of properly removing them from Update Manager if it pulled the metadata already.

[Update 21.02.2013]
HP re-released the VIBs available at

[Update 23.02.2013]
(Thanks to milanod for the hint in the comments)
HP actually removed the re-released updates from the vibsdepot yet again?!
The updated bundles are still listed on the software/support/drivers lists for Proliant Servers though:
I’m speechless in the face of this unprecedented fail.

[Update 25.02.2013]
Uh-oh, the updates SEEM to be back at File dates are from Jan 4th and the bundles md5sums match the ones from the initial release mid-January (which this post was about) exactly. So if there really was a bug with the release, it must still be there.
Taking bets on how long it’ll take HP to offline them again.

[Update 22.04.2013]
(Thanks to Wu in the comments)
The issue with the SmartArray warning which this bundle brought us has been fixed in a recent update.

After some very minor updates back in October that did not come with release notes it’s time for another round of updates to the ESXi HP extensions and other stuff. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be getting release notes or general infos now either.
But these updates are publicly available on already and your VMware Update Manager should have already picked them up if you set it up to use the HP VIB depot.

Since HP is so kind to not provide release notes, we can only guess about actual fixes or improvements, but we can at least check which of the VIBs contained in the offline bundles really do provide updates (spoiler: not that much).
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