Re-Attaching a previously detached storage device

A while ago we were getting rid of some old, now unused datastores on our FC-storage, so we proceeded to unmount and remove the VMFS datastore, and then detach the LUN device through the vSphere client as described in Unpresenting a LUN in ESXi 5.x. On that note, hooray for no more claimrule mongering since ESXi 5.x!
After the whole process, I noticed that on some hosts the pseudo-device LUN 0 of an EVA storage system was also unmounted. There is no detach-option for these controllers, so I have no idea how it happened. Rescans were no good and it didn’t cause any issues, but I’d rather have it accessible again. The only problem was: There is no attach option available for these devices.

So in the end, I knew I had to resort to esxcli to re-attach the device properly. Continue reading