Check Point R75.45 released

Last week, Check Point released the first major update to the Gaia-introducing R75.40 version. The release of R75.45  mainly brings enhancements and fixes for the new Gaia platform:
R75.45 Release Notes
R75.45 Resolved Issues
R75.45 Known Limitations

R75.45 includes this R75.40 hotfix.
Among the new features provided, support for 6in4 tunneling, policy-based routing appear to be the most intriguing (at least to me).
The long list of fixes addresses important issues such as long policy install time, kernel memory leaks or IPS not exiting bypass mode again after returning to normal CPU utilization.
Only direct upgrades from R75.40 are supported, no earlier versions.

I haven’t tried this new release yet, but given the list of fixes and potential first prematureness of the still young Gaia platform, I’ll check it out rather sooner than later.

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