HP SMH error importing SIM server certificates

When trying to set the Trusted Management Servers certificate in the HP Systems Management Homepage via pasting the base64 string or getting the certificate directly from the SIM server, I was greeted by one pretty generic error message:

Error: Certificate failed validation and was not imported.

This happened on physical GNU/Linux (RHEL) systems as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 machines .
Is it impossible to properly import a SIM certificate either by pasting the base64 encoded certificate string or by letting the SMH fetch the certificate by itself from the server?

Instead I had to manually copy the .pem certificate file to the server and restart the SMH. On Windows, it goes in C:\hp\hpsmh\certs\ (if you installed the server via SmartStart) and on GNU/Linux in /opt/hp/hpsmh/certs/.
I also noticed that the displayed certificate raw data you can see under Details ( after having imported one actually cuts off a the last 2 or so lines of the base64 string, so don’t rely on copying this to create a file on your servers.

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