Error loading python dll when launching Anki after wine upgrade

ImageThis is at least the 2nd time it hit and took me some time to figure it out, so I might as well write it down here for future reference.

I was updating (read: breaking and re-compiling) a couple of packages on my good ‘ol Gentoo GNU/Linux Laptop, one of them being wine.
Yes, the platform of choice for running the most non-free software possible. Mr. Stallman does not approve.

I’m actually running the awesome flashcard program Anki in wine as opposed to it’s native GNU/Linux implementation. Why you may ask? Because it relies on many other bloaty-ish packages like QT which I want this system to be clean of. Instead of compiling another 350 MB of sources, running Anki in wine works quite well. I also use the unknown ion3 tiling window manager (RIP) on this system and am quite happy with it.

So anyways, after updating wine to 1.4, starting Anki in wine resulted in an ugly “Error loading python dll” error. I knew I’ve seen and fixed this before and the solution is actually quite simple:
All I needed to do was reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable in wine.
I have not the slightest idea how the upgrade manages to break this every time.

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